Monday, November 17, 2008

More Racism You From Me Get!

Look, here is what I wrote today at 2blowhards place. It is so Me, is it not?

"About people helping each other. I think we all had the taste of how it'll be on comparative examples of how population behaved during hurricanes. Katrina - in NO and Ike - in Tx. Katrina was a disaster, exactly because residents of New Orlean were sitting there helplessly waiting for their government to take care of them, while Texans (devasted not less than NO) took the matter in their own hands."

See? I blame the victims of Katrina! That is just how I roll, babushka.


enc said...

It's definitely all their fault.

Madame Tolstoy said...

How dare you agree with me! I am close to banning you!

Miroslav said...

You say no so muches, but no mean yes too, no? The mouth foam of my insane horses charge now closer to your shore I draw, my milky breasted Ninotchka, my Ekaterina, my twister of my trailer park heart. Look, I can see your house from Russia! My moose thong loosens the desire of my frozen heart which I have regenerating you. Soon the steppes I mount will be yours and the left wing will clap with the right wing together as one together. Flap flap! My horses approaches.

Madame Tolstoy said...

Boris, is that you, my darling??

Is it your horse I hear pounding its hoofs on the tundra? My heart valves flap in rhythm (sp) with your horse flapping, my Russky!

So long has my icy uterus spasmed in vain for the equine love you deny me all these lost years of American architectural horror and clanging emptiness of my muffin pan...

If not Boris, please to ignore.

HelsBells said...

Yes, and they're still sitting on their behinds, 3 years later, waiting. How dare they expect to get the value of their home insurance policy in full when they paid for it? I, mean, really!!

BTW, I think I have a little crush on Miroslav: говорите грязные мне!


Madame Tolstoy said...

Yes quite right,Helsbells. They are the laziness, that's what they are.

As to Miroslov, he is no my type. No one is up to my standards, if only you know how arrogant I am. Pfft.

Uncle Juri said...

In Rossija no black people. Only Black Russians are the drink. Just look Rossija and see how society flourish when caucasians only. Supreme beings in their furry hats.

Then look Africa: they sit down hungry and wait for UN to come with food. In Europe we take the matter in our own hands and go to the refridgerators. Hunger gone.