Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have Suitor!!

I am so excited and in a complete tizzy! Some old guy named Brian wrote on his blog that he liked my boring photos that I pride myself on. Ah, babushka, my blushing cheeks! I even linked to his compliment at my special Blog Place that I call "my salon."

Then I write comment to Brian that goes....

Ah, Brian. Brian. Nobody..ever...said anything remotely… (and I know I need to learn how to crop and resize and edit and mask and tint a bit. Some day. I promise nothing.)

Brian, please love me, Brian my little borscht.


enc said...

Lucky you!

Madame Tolstoy said...

How dare you say this!

kate jean said...

you....are one in a million. f*cking hilarious!

love the blog x