Sunday, November 16, 2008

People Are All Stupid, My Friends

I like to start the arguments on other blogs when I can't start them at my place. I like call my blog "my place" like it's a real place. I am insane, nyet?

Once, I got into it over at another blogger's place, talking about mature women cougars. To prove point, I post a picture of my live journal friend. Then I report that she look better than her own teenage daughter when nude. Uh-oh. How I can know this??

Am I insane? Oh yes, I just told you so. This was trick question. here is my nude friend. Tell not her poor daughter, nyet.


enc said...

Scary when cougar looks better than cub.

Madame Tolstoy said...

Scary for you, my friend. Scary that people show other people photos of their own naked children, nyet?

Uncle Juri said...

Da! Every mother should be aware of the threat their teenage children pose on their hotness and place in this world, and post nude pics of both them and their children all over the Internjet. That's what parent/child relationships are all about. Competition.

This женщина (shenzinah) is doing a great job, and I can only recommend her on teaching her daughter that life is all about looking better naked than one's children and letting them (and the Internjet community)know they are uglier than mum.

But what he hell does that woman have on her night stand??? What's that, or as they say in Mamoshka Rossija, sto to?

Madame Tolstoy said...

Finally a man who isn't a know-nothing! Yes, the internets should be used properly. I am a nut for propriety, am I not? Well, just so you agree with me, good, I may begin to like you.

Soon enough, I will take offense and ban you, until then, you may be friend mine of.

Iheartfashion said...